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High School Students

  1. Stay in school - you won't regret it.

  2. If possible stick with a high school diploma, GED's won't earn you as much money as a diploma.

  3. If getting a GED is a better option, plan to continue your education beyond a GED at a community college or vocational school. Trades are oftentimes earning more money than college degrees right now.

  4. If you are working and going to school, try to limit your weekly hours to 20 or less. More than 20 hours and your grades will suffer. Not cool.

  5. Sign up for On Your Way:

    • It's a FREE website with no gimmicks!! 

    • On Your Way is a way to plan for your future that offers lots of information and interactive features:

      • budgeting,

      • creating a resume,

      • figuring out your learning style, and a

      • personal portfolio of all your information...with security so you won't loose it.

  6. Traditional high school holding you back? Talk to your guidance department about the other options you have:

  7. Check out the:

    • Dual enrollment program (you can get your high school diploma and college credit at the same time through a community college),

    • Middle or Early College Programs

    • Vocational options, including apprenticeships and internships.

  8. Review your school transcript...frequently to see if you have enough credits to graduate. It may be worth taking summer school classes to graduate with your friends.

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