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LINK-UP Youth Conference

This one-day youth conference is unique! Learn about opportunities and services available through the North Carolina LINKS program:

  •  Health and Money

  •  Teambuilding and Communication

  •  Education Planning like ETV and NC Reach workshop

  •  Building connectedness and a positive support system

  •  O-LINK-Pic Games, and much, much more.

When and Where?

Coming Fall 2019 

What To Expect

The day will be filled with great information and fun activities for both youths and adults. Morning workshops will be followed by lunch and afternoon O-LINK-Pic Games. Participants will receive all conference supplies, door prizes, terrific workshop information, lunch, and refreshments. Youth participants will also receive an end of day gift! Adult participants will share ideas with each other, receive programming suggestions for this age group, and learn ways to connect older foster youths with younger teens.

Registration Details

Registration begins Fall 2019 

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