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Clarification between ETV and NC REACH

We come across many students that are under the impression that the ETV and NCReach applications are one in the same. This is NOT accurate, and can put a hold on their funding.

If applicable, students need to fill out BOTH, ETV and NCReach applications, once a year. Their login info is the same for both:
• ETV -
• NCReach -

Note - the two applications merge together in our system, therefore, updates only need to be done once.

The forms needed are the SAME and needed each semester funded:
• Financial Aid Release Form - student fills out the top, and school fills out the rest and faxes to us
• Budget Sheet - student fills out form and faxes back to us
• Participation Agreement - student reads, understands, signs and faxes back to us.


Please share this information along with new students and those already in the system. Some do tend to forget from one year to the next.
Remember, we are always available for questions or concerns.

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