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College Students

College Students - Vocational, Community, and Universities

  1. Try to maintain a regular routine including healthy eating and sleeping habits.

  2. Start a study group to stimulate your thinking but also make friends.

  3. Get involved in the FREE activities at your school - even if your are not sure whether you'll like it. You never know.

  4. Even if you have a s solid plan for a career and future, consider signing up for On Your  Way: A planning for your future website that offers a lot  of information and interactive features for financial aid, budgeting creating a resume, and a personal portfolio of all  your information...with security so you won't loose it.

  5. Contact SaySo about starting a local chapter at your college. More current and previous foster youths are attending college. SaySo can help you get in touch with young people just like you. The support is essential and SaySo is always getting more information that can help you along the way.

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Are you in debt with student loans????

Read about Forgivalbe Education Loans for Services (FELS)


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