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Planning for more education?

Planning for more education beyond high school?

  1. Sign up for : A planning for your future website that offers a lot  of information and interactive features for financial aid, budgeting, creating a resume, and a personal portfolio of all  your information...with security so you won't loose it.

  2. Financial aid. Make sure you fill out the FAFSA to apply for financial aid as soon as you can after January 1 of your senior year of high school. You can file the forms you need to at: It will take some time to fill out the forms (especially the first year) but the financial reward is worth it.

  3. Some suggestions for filling out the FAFSA forms:

    • Review the form first.

    • Read every question before answering.

    • Make sure you have all the information/documents needed.

    • Get someone to help you fill out and review the form.

    • If you are still in FOSTER CARE - Say "yes" to question, which asks, "Are both your parents deceased or are you a dependent/ward of the court?"

    • DO NOT put any information about your biological or foster parents in the form.

  4. Hints for completing the form and answers to common questions can also be found at

  5. CLICK HERE for "TIPS on how to fill out the FAFSA" ... The tips were created JUST for foster youths.

  6. Check out the ETV program... Click "North Carolina" and apply on-line to be eligible for up to $5000 per year to help you through school beyond financial  aide awards.

  7. Don't forget to sign up for the SAT's. Take it your junior year at least once and again in fall of your senior year.

  8. Check out a bunch of different vocational and trade programs, which can offer REAL WORLD job training and great salaries. The job market is currently full of needs in machinery, electronics, repair, technology, medical, nursing, teaching, and others that  can be satisfied with a certificate or graduation from a  two year program.

  9. You can also visit North Carolina's own college foundation website to find information in regards to applying for colleges, financial aid and other questions that you may have at  College Foundation of NC.

  10. Princeton Review Website is a great resource for anyone getting ready for their college search.  Anyone can register to find information on: Colleges, financial aid, scholarships, SAT and ACT prep tests and courses and so much more.


CLICK HERE for helpful information on how ADULTS can help young people prepare for Post-Secondary Education and access Financial Aid

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