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SAYSO Superstar Program

The new "SAYSO Superstars Rewards Program"  provides an incentive for youth to get involved with community service, advocacy, fundraising, member recruitment ,local chapter development , attending monthly meetings,and participating in SAYSO events. Youth can earn points for each activity in which they are engaged in and local chapters earn points for each activity they plan and implement. Individual points can be used to purchase reward item in the SAYSO store at SAYSO Saturday. Items currently in the store include Carolina Panthers hats, T-Shirts, and bags, Converse Chuck Taylor duffel bags, Otterbox Phone cases for iPhone 5 and 5s,gift cards,and more. In addition to those wonderful items the top ten holders will be entered into a raffle for a Dell Latitude Laptop with Windows and the full Microsoft Office  suite . The local chapter with most points will win a gift for a party (the party will depend on what is available in the winner's county etc....... pizza,bowling,arcade,skating,and etc.) 

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