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"iSAYSO because... I matter... and so do you!"


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This page is all about you and what you have to say. It includes poetry, stories, raps and testimonials from SaySo members, alumni, and supporters.

Feel free to submit your original work to mail

 Enjoy and please give credit to those who have been willing to share their thoughts with you. smiley


A Forgotten Child (Savannah H)

A Return to Love (Marianne W.)

Able Youth Speaking Out (Daniel C.)

Different (Jen P.)

Failures (Makeisha W.)

I Miss You (Chad F.)

Jackie Can Rhyme (Jackie F.)

NO Fairytale Ending (Keyona R.)

Ode to My Youth (Jackie B.)

Our Biggest Fear (Marianne W.)

Our History Together (Casey H.)

Sadly Forgotten (Keyona R.)

The Red Flood (Amber S.)

We Gotta Start Loving (Lisa W.)

Why are Fathers Important? (Donisha A.)


Special Additions

***Contributed by Operation Healthy Family (OHF) co-produced with Level Ground, this song "Place to Place" is dedicated to those foster youths who have aged out of foster care onto the streets homeless with no education or employment. (click the song to see the YouTube video). It speaks about the issues of teens who age out of the foster care system. Four teens featured in the video have recently aged out of foster care and are apart of The Mocking Bird Society  a foster care advocacy group. OHF wanted to help shed light on the foster care system and the growing epidemic of  foster youth who age out of foster care.


***North Carolina's own Jimmy Wayne grew up in foster care and has become a nationally known country singer. Many of SaySo youths have met him at statewide events. Check out his song called Paper Angels on YouTube about the children named on the Angel Trees found in area malls during the holidays. He has also written a book about this song.